Sunday, June 26, 2005

The house warming party was great. About 20 people came over and I cooked burgers and hot dogs. Others brought chip dip, salsa, lots of chips, veggies, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

The reason we decided to have a party in the first place was because my friend Manuel was getting married on Saturday. Manuel, aka Frodo, was on my team (of 3 people) for our chemical engineering senior design project. So we spent lots of time together in school. 4 of the 6 2004 ChemEs made it to the party. Me, Eric, Derek, and Dan.

Eric, the other member of that team made the trip up from South Bend and brought the most fun and the most exhausting video game...Dance, Dance, Revolution. We hooked it up and people of all skill levels took a shot. I was excited to beat Eric head-to-head on one occasion but he won the season series.

Amy and Melissa gave it a shot,

Jason and Melissa were definately newbies. This time they made it about 20% of the way through one of the dances before losing.

Gotta have games. Hoopla and Catchphrase were the games of choice. Despite the fact that you have to play as a team in hoopla, its actually a really fun party game.

The wedding was good. The only down side was that Saturday was about 90 degrees and the reception was on the 3rd floor of an unairconditioned building. The fans on the dance floor made dancing possible.


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