Monday, August 06, 2007

Brown County

This weekend my parents took the whole family to Brown County, Indiana for a weekend away to celebrate their 30th anniversary. It was a fun weekend of relaxing, chatting, hiking, eating, and playing games.

We rented a house in the hills of southern Indiana. None of us really knew what to expect but it turned out to be a sweet house with a hot tub, pool table, fussball table, and lots of room.
On Saturday we drove to Brown County State Park. My dad is still recovering from his broken leg so he came for the ride but had to wait in the car as we did small hikes. The 6 kids did the "rugged" 1 mile hike that the park boasted.
After that we enjoyed a nice lunch with a view of the densely wooded park.
After another short hike around a lake we spotted the fire tower at the high point of the park. It was pretty tall and you're allowed to climb it so we had to stop. It swayed as we climbed but it was definitely cool.

The best part of the weekend was just hanging out as a family. We did some grilling for dinner Saturday and then had rousing games of Taboo and Up and Down the River. The men cleaned up on Taboo. On Sunday we did more chatting, eating, and shopping in the nearby tourist town of Nashville, Indiana before making the drive home.

Happy anniversary Mom and Dad!


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Ever notice that fussball is funnier when you call someone it and separated it out?

Hmm, you fuss ball. Ok, maybe it's really not that funny.

you suck.

Yeah, that works better.

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