Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hawaii Vacation - Maui Part 2

About 2 miles from our condo was a string of resorts known as Wailea. The resorts were really nice and had a public path running along the coast between them and the beach. The path was perfect for evening walks. The views were excellent, the path was well maintained, and it was neat seeing the nice resorts. We especially enjoyed the sunsets.
Maui's most visible and probably most famous landmark is Haleakala, the 10,023' tall active volcano. We drove to the top one day and Josh and I hiked into the crater.
It was the most unique hike I've ever done. The crater is basically devoid of life and it looked like we were walking on the moon, assuming I know what that looks like.
The trail was appropriately named Sliding Sands Trail and was an 11 mile hike. The first 8 miles we descended into the crater (classified as a desert) and walked through it.
The last 3 miles were straight up the edge of a cliff. The views going up the cliff were awesome, but I was miserable. I had woken up that morning feeling sick to my stomach. I ate some breakfast but threw it up on the drive up the mountain. I couldn't stomach any food while hiking and threw up my water halfway through the hike. I held down a granola bar after that, but I was beat after a 6 hour, 11 mile hike through a dessert on 150 calories.

I can't end a post without a good Evie picture.


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