Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Goals and 2013 Results

My 2013 goals were extremely ambitious.  
  1. DUNK.  FAILURE. Sadly, I did not dunk and never was close.  It wasn't without trying, however.  For the first 4 weeks of the year I did 3x1.5hour jumping specific workouts a week.  But a nagging ankle injury prevented me from really jumping, even during he workouts.  In November or December 2012 I felt a sharp pain in my left ankle (my primary jumping leg) while playing basketball.  I hoped it would go away but it only got worse at the beginning of 2013. I had to quit jumping and let it heal...but it didn't.  After 8 months of investigation I found out I had os-trigonum syndrome which is an extra bone in the pinch point of my left ankle. Every time I extended my ankle to jump (or many other activities), the bone would get pinched resulting in a very sharp pain. I had surgery in October to remove it and was off my foot altogether for about a month.  So...never even close to dunking.  Good excuse but sad result.  Knowing how miserable that jumping program was I don't think I'll make dunking a goal for at least a few years.
  2. Give up baked goods for the entire year.  SUCCESS.  I made this statement while making the goal: without putting much thought into it I can already see there is a lot of grey area around what constitutes a baked good.  I basically eliminated cookies of all kinds, cake, pie, and baked bars.  I still ate cookie dough, no-bake bars, and had more than my fair share of ice cream.  I do believe this goal was a big success.  Prior to 2013 I ate a LOT of baked goods throughout the year and even with my baked-goods-replacements in 2013 I significantly cut down my consumption of clearly unhealthy food.  
Here are my 2014 goals. For the first time I don't have any physical fitness goals for the year.  Not sue if that is laziness or maturity.  I've found that my physical goals don't have the lasting impact I'd hoped for.  For example, doing tons of push-ups or sit-ups didn't make me really ripped, they only made my body good at doing that one exercise.  
  1. NO SNACKING: This will be my greatest challenge this year.  My goal is to only eat food during meal times, with a maximum of 3 meal times a day.  Exceptions and clarifications:
    1. Clarification - meal time is defined as the time after I sit down to start the meal until the time I stand up to clean up.  No snacking while preparing the meal and no snacking while cleaning up from the meal.  
    2. Clarification - meals have to fall in the generally accepted breakfast, lunch, dinner time frame.  I can't skip breakfast, and then add a "meal" at 8:00 at night.
    3. Exception - fruits, veggies, and >80% cocoa dark chocolate are acceptable snacks.  I will aim to minimize these but having them as an option will keep me from going nuts.
    4. Exception - out of state.  No snacking goal is temporarily waived if I'm not physically in Michigan. 
    5. Exception - in the rare situation where my body really needs food and fruit/veggies/dark chocolate are not an option or adequate.  This should be less than 5 times in 2014 if at all.  Only situations I can think of are after an extreme workout or some kind of medical emergency.
    6. Exception - situations where it would be socially unacceptable to reject food.
  2. Drink the doctor recommended amount of water EVERY DAY.  Pure water.  64oz per day.  Doing just a quick search I now see that this isn't really the recommendation any more so my goal is a little dated.  That is OK. I think drinking that much water will be good for me and may curb eating and pop consumption.  The point of the goal is to really follow what I think was an overkill-of-a-recommendation.  The fact that I had a kidney stone last summer also influences this goal.
  3. Read at least 10 books.  


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