Tuesday, June 28, 2005

So Close!!! Last night Erin, Michael, Jenny and I played 9 holes at Egypt Valley. Jenny's employment there is priceless. I had a below average round as I double-bogeyed most of the holes. I either took a penalty stroke, or botched my approach shot on almost every hole. But the 7th hole offered some hope. It is a 145 yard par 3 with a narrow green and an absolute cliff directly off the left edge of the green. The pin was 3 strides from the front of the green so playing very difficult. I teed up and took a nice soft swing with my 7-iron. It felt great, and started just right of the hole with a little draw. We saw it thud in front of the pin and start rolling at it. From 145 yards away it looked like it stopped right next to the cup! When we arrived at the green we saw my ball sitting about 18 inches past the cup. From where the ball mark was, it looked like my ball slowly rolled within 2 inches of a hole-in-one! The birdie putt was very slippery and downhill and rolled all the way around the cup before falling in. Good thing I was only 18 inches away.
Birdie #40 lifetime.


Blogger iloveredheads said...

la-dee-freekin-da...hehe, just kidding randy...it was pretty awesome...for a guy

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