Friday, December 16, 2005

Socialism Stinks

Here are some interesting facts on the socialist country of France.

French Tax is 52.75% on incomes above 46,000 euro. Below 46,000 the tax brackets are 7.5%, 21%, 31%, 41%, and 46.75%.

On a 50,000 euro income a person would pay 12,375 euro more in taxes if they lived in France as opposed to the US. I sure don't need that much health care every year.

Aside from this outrageous income tax there is a 3% property tax and a 19.6% sales tax on basically everything besides food (5.5%) and medicine and newspaper (2.1%)!

Thank goodness for capitalism (or at least somewhat close to it)


Blogger Michael Bloem said...

Fantastic entry. Socialism definitely stinks. France also can't get its immigrants jobs, so they burn cars and riot. It has double-digit unemployment. It always leads the charge when the western countries and Japan repeatedly fail to make any concessions to developing nations on farm subsidies in trade talks. Plus I think they sold weapons to Iraq back in the day. Okay I'm out of hand, but so is France.

10:48 AM  

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