Monday, November 07, 2005

Forget Golden, try 60

This weekend the Elenbaas family celebrated the 60th wedding anniversary of my grandpa and grandma Elenbaas. 60 years is truly amazing and it is an accomplishment that very few people can claim. I tried to find some statistics on it but could not. The closest stat I have is that according to the Census Bureau, 6% of marriages reach 50 years. I would guess less than 1% makes it all the way to 60 but I have nothing to back that up. Congratulations to grandpa and grandma E!

On a related note, the Boersma family is still pushing for a world record. I read in the Guinness book of world records about 10 years ago that the record for most golden anniversaries in 1 family is 10. The Boersma family has 11 kids, of which my grandma Elenbaas is the 2nd oldest. Within another 2 years 10 of them should have hit their golden anniversaries. The only one that won't is my grandma's older brother. His first wife passed away after about 3 years of marriage. He was married to his second wife for 49 years before passing away.


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