Monday, July 24, 2006

Fully Accomplished

Weekend Summary
-biked from Zeeland to Grand Haven
-Veldhof family birthday party for Erin at the conference grounds
-Veldhof tennis
-11 mile run at the cottage
-felling some large trees
-going to a fair
-completing a jump roll
-booking a trip to Thailand in February
-watching the movie "End of the the Spear" (very good)

It was a weird weekend at the cottage in the fact that there were NO kids under 16 years old until about 4pm on Sunday. As you can see I finally completed a jump roll which was pretty exciting.

And just because I don't like posting without any pictures, here are some more amusing photos from the past:

I've never had a problem sleeping in cars

I had a nasty case of the chicken pox but it didn't damper my ever-optimistic mood.

This bookshelf now sits in my basement; perhaps my kids will sleep in it some day.


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