Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Summer Christmas

Aside from Florida there aren't too many annual events I look forward to more than Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day means the opening of the Elenbaas cottage for the summer.

Highlights of the weekend:
-Getting incredibly sore from skiing 4 times after 9 months of hibernation
-Elenbaas's beating Steensmas in Bball
-Edging out Derek in golf
-Catching 2 turtles with Erin
-Hanging out with the big family
-"Reacting" diet coke and mentos to about 12 feet. The first try was a bust so two engineers had to design a better feed system. The new design was flawless.

-Lots of games


Anonymous Darren said...

I think you forget that the Steensmas were short a man in their roster, so it was not a true victory for the record books.

10:48 PM  

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