Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spring Parties

It was a terrific weekend to live in Michigan and Erin and I were able to enjoy the weather and hang out with friends all weekend. On Friday night Jeff drove up and joined us for the weekend.On Saturday Erin hosted a wedding shower for Julie who is one of her work friends. They decorated our house with a Mexican theme and even had a pinata in the back yard.

Later we all hung out downtown for the night.
On Sunday I put together the new grill Erin let my buy so that we could host another cook-out that night. It is pretty amazing how far put-it-together-yourself items like this have come. The package came with tools and all the necessary accessories. I didn't have to use any of my own tools and it only took 90 minutes (which includes 15 minutes to fix my mistake of putting half of it on backwards).

Two rounds of golf completed an excellent weekend. I played with Duby and Jeff on Saturday and Erin, Jenny, and I were beaten by Egypt Valley on Monday.


Blogger Darren said...

I love how you justify getting a new grill so you can entertain guests. Atta boy

9:07 PM  

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