Monday, August 13, 2007

Bloem Wedding

This weekend was the wedding of my college roommate Michael Bloem. He and Sarah got married in Springfield, Illinois. It was a sweltering weekend but a great time.
Friday night was the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and hanging out. Saturday morning Michael treated us all to a round of golf, probably to ease his nerves a little.
The wedding was very well done and went quite smoothly. Afterward we took a joy ride around Springfield in a trolley and then took a bunch of pictures. The wedding party was huge - 8 bridesmaids, 8 groomsmen, 2 ushers, a ring bearer, and a flower girl so we lots of options for pictures and I'm sure there are a lot of cool and unique ones.
The reception was a blast. The dance floor was always full and we all got into it. After about 10 minutes of dancing I made a bold prediction to Eric that YMCA would be played within 15 minutes. He said "do you want to bet on that?" I was confident so we bet a drink on the timing of the classic wedding song. Somehow he talked me down to 10 minutes. Exactly 15 minutes later YMCA came on! Scammed by Eric, but the song was a little more memorable this time.
Here are some other humerus pictures from the night.
Michael's grandma was totally into the dancing.
Does it look like there's an unintended participant in this picture? Nosy Amy.
Timm just doesn't look natural with Eric's daughter.
He looks better with Matt.For the 20th wedding in a row Erin made the comment to me that she wants us to have another wedding. Yeah, probably not.
...but it is still fun to go to friends' weddings. Congrats Mike and Sarah!


Blogger Jason and Melissa said...

I think it's true: people marry people who look like them.

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Gwen Brandt said...

Rob keeps telling me to put things on the registry when I think something looks fun to buy ;)

2:00 PM  

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