Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Popular Baby

Erin and I decided we wanted to be surprised by the gender of our baby at birth. With everyone really curious about when the baby would be born and what the gender would be, we had a lot of fun making phone calls Friday morning and afternoon.

Evelyn was the first grandchild on both the Elenbaas and Veldhof sides so there was an added level of excitement for her birth. The new grandparents quickly made their way to the hospital on Friday to meet Evelyn.

Evelyn was also the first great grandchild in the Soper family. I am the 4th of 20 Soper grandchildren, so G&G Soper knew it was only a matter of time, but I was happy that Evie could be the first and I think they were too!
Evie made Derek and Dave first time uncles and Carissa and Lindsay first time aunts. For Evie's contribution we expect lots of free babysitting.I think this is a neat picture. 4 generations of Elenbaas women. Three married into the Elenbaas family and Evie was lucky enough to be born into it :)The male counterparts with Evie.Plenty of other friends and family visited to make our hospital stay very exciting.
In the quiet hospital moments Erin and I enjoyed the chance to hold and cuddle with our new daughter.


Blogger Anna said...

I'll babysit for free anytime too!! :) And I love the picture of gpa Soper with Evelyn, he is so happy, his dream of a great grandchild FINALLY came true!!

4:03 AM  
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