Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hawaii Vacation - Maui Part 3

The hikes in Maui were very unique. We hiked through a rain forest in west Maui one afternoon. It was through some kind of plantation and had a bamboo forest, old aqueducts, suspension bridges, and rock river crossings. At the end of the hike was a dam with a pool at the base. The pool was 8+ feet deep and there were some great ledges to jump off. I did my standard back flip, much to the disapproval of Erin.
Baby spent 75% of the vacation in her diaper. I think she liked the freedom.

We did a different hike in south Maui. This one went through some really dense bamboo forests, past some small waterfalls, and ended at a 400 foot waterfall.
Usually you only get a distant view of the water fall, but on this hike we could walk right up to it and some even swam under it.
At a different point in the hike there were pools of water running into the ocean.

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