Saturday, July 17, 2010

2010 Pickerel Lake Triathlon

It was another fantastic triathlon at Pickerel Lake over the 4th of July weekend. The common theme this year was lack of training. Well, lack of training for almost everyone.

When I started my carbohydrate restricted diet in May I decided to stop doing long cardio exercise and I didn't run or bike for the 8 weeks preceding the the triathlon. Many others admitted they hadn't trained a lick either. Paul admitted he'd been training specifically for this race for the previous 8 months. (I've got to at least jab a Paul a little here since it is kind of a tradition now) Paul also admitted to buying a wetsuit, getting a gym membership for winter training, and taking a swimming lesson!

We had absolutely gorgeous weather and a very good turnout. The swim went without incident and the PLT record was CRUSHED by a high schooler without a wetsuit.

I had a good swim of 10:31 and an awesome transition. I enjoyed first place for about 1/2 mile on the bike before getting passed by Paul and later Jason.

Paul, Jason, and I were within 30 seconds at the start of the run but Paul quickly took over and put us away. I was amazed how good I felt despite no carbs and no training.

Paul posted a great time and got the victory he wanted, but he didn't beat my 2008 or 2009 times so my record stands for another year.

PlaceNameOverallSwimBikeRunBike Pace (mph)Run Pace (min/mi)
1Paul Soper1:22:420:09:520:35:000:37:5016.290:07:17
2Matt Christians1:27:320:09:530:37:420:39:5715.120:07:41
3Randy Elenbaas1:28:100:10:310:34:370:43:0216.470:08:17
4Jason Schaaf1:31:250:10:260:34:280:46:3116.540:08:57
5Evan Steensma1:33:400:12:410:37:130:43:4615.320:08:25
6Jenny Scott1:37:330:12:140:38:210:46:5814.860:09:02
7Eric Plantinga1:38:310:12:000:39:580:46:3314.260:08:57
8Kyleigh Klaussen1:38:330:13:050:43:010:42:2713.250:08:10
9Matt VanHarn1:39:130:08:310:42:260:48:1613.430:09:17
10Mark VanHarn1:39:450:12:270:39:220:47:5614.480:09:13
11Steve Elenbaas1:41:370:13:040:38:020:50:3114.990:09:43
12Abby VanHarn1:43:560:09:230:48:570:45:3611.640:08:46
13Elizabeth Soper1:44:000:14:470:47:250:41:4812.020:08:02
14Darren Schaaf1:45:170:14:370:37:490:52:5115.070:10:10
15Marv Elenbaas1:51:470:14:500:43:450:53:1213.030:10:14
t16Derek Elenbaas1:52:230:19:390:42:580:49:4613.270:09:34
t16Ben Elenbaas1:52:310:17:410:43:550:50:5512:980:09:48
18Mike Johnson1:58:260:12:070:50:050:56:1411.380:10:49
19Lydia Soper2:05:000:17:070:59:090:48:449.640:09:22
20Claire Steensma2:07:570:16:200:51:450:59:5211.010:11:31
21Grace Elenbaas2:20:440:16:520:59:221:04:309.600:12:24

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Anonymous Sarah Kuiper said...

Hi Randy, thanks for compiling the results. Maria & I did not end up doing the triathlon together; I did the whole thing. Maria did only the running. I believe her running was somewhere in the 51 - 54 minute range. The 2 hour 11 minutes is my time.
Sarah K.

5:06 PM  

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