Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Like Father like Son

We've had a scary week so far. Over the weekend our top notch eater Jack seemed to lose his appetite. On Monday he struggled to breath and cried in pain every time we tried to feed him. So on Tuesday the doctor sent us to the hospital.
Little Jack was suffering from a nasty respiratory virus (RSV). The virus is common but can be very dangerous to children under 1 (and Jack isn't even 2 months).
Jack has acted congested his whole life and Erin and I suspect he'll have asthma just like me. In the hospital he was given breathing treatments; medicine that I've used may times myself - albuterol, nebulizer...
The little guy perked up after getting fluid via an IV and really seemed content most of the time at the hospital.

He was there overnight and thankfully is now back home. Get better JACK!
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