Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Countdown

The real countdown has begun. At week 20 and 28 we were pretty sure the babies would come very early. Erin has now reached 34.5 weeks and is feeling relatively well. We have a scheduled induction on December 19. Getting close!
Erin at 31 Weeks
Erin at 34 Weeks
A couple nights ago we packed our hospital bags. We didn't want to break it to Evie that she wouldn't be staying with us at the hospital so we let her pack her own bag. She made 10-20 very urgent trips between our bedroom and her toys. Don't worry, she has all the essentials including "Guess Who", a Rubik's cube, a naked doll, silverware, and one pair of jammies.
Since Erin's real bed rest started 4 weeks ago she has only gone upstairs once per day (our room is on the main floor). She'll come up to put Evie to bed but not to peek at Evie before we go to bed. So I've been taking pictures of Evie every night for Erin to see. Saving those memories has been great. We tuck Evelyn into bed in the standard sleeping position, but she seems more comfortable moving around.

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Blogger Lisa J DeMaagd said...

Erin you look GREAT!! So excited for you all!!

12:01 AM  
Blogger Aileen said...

Erin and Randy--So thrilled you are at 34 weeks. You are so good Erin to be patient with all the rest. And congrats on your diet, Randy, shows alot of perserverance. You are such an engineer. The scientific data for decreasing carbs is very strong, the rest hasn't had alot of scientific study but I agree with you, with your high HDL and low triglycerides, hard to argue. All the best. AS

3:30 PM  

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