Sunday, July 17, 2011

Princess Evelyn

Evelyn had the ultimate honor last week, to be a flower girl for my cousin(s) Luke (and now Stacy).

Evie and I drove to Chicago first thing in the morning so she could practice her walk and to get her hair done. She never lets us put anything in her hair so we had to bribe and threaten her to make sure her fancy hair stayed that way. Bribe #1: don't touch you hair. Reward #1: sucker.
I often call Evie "Evarrelli," joking that she's a princess just like Cindarelli. With her white dress on she looked like a princess and got along great with Stacy.

Bribe #2: Smile and look at the camera during pictures. Reward #2...and 3...and 4: Sucker(s)

Evie and Max practiced many times to walk together, slowly, down the aisle.
Bribe #3: Walk properly down the aisle. Reward #5: another sucker
Well when it came time to perform they pulled an audible. Evie decided to hold Max's hand instead of throw flowers. It was still really cute and they did well. They walked slowly and stayed together. They both veered right almost forcing Evie into the pews and they didn't quite make it to the front. But it was great!
After the wedding Evie enjoyed bubbles, dancing, and pop. It was an awesome day for her, one that she'll remember for a long time.

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Blogger Amy said...

Loved reading your story about Evie. She looks like such a cutie in her dress! I would have loved to see her in the wedding. :)

2:41 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Kaylee loved looking at the pictures of Evie and asked me, "Can we go to a wedding and me be the flowers' girl?"

2:47 PM  
Blogger The Geurink Family said...

She looks so beautiful in those pictures :) Who knew suckers could be so useful, hahaha

4:42 PM  

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