Thursday, April 07, 2011

Soper Florida 2011

We had the "last one ever" Soper Florida trips the last 3 times we went, but then we'd go again...and again...and again. So this year we didn't even pretend that it might be the last.
With the help of Derek, Erin and I braved the drive down with 3 little kids. The kids did great even though Evie somehow only slept for 2 hours overnight. She was just too excited.
The week was fantastic. Here are some highlights:
  • Barefoot 99% of the week
  • Barefoot running on the beach
  • AWESOME weather. 80 and sunny every day
  • Lots of hanging out with my family. I happily took nappy time in the condo
  • The boys loved the warm weather, probably because they never had to wear pants
  • Being spoiled by Grandma Gail
  • Sharing a condo with Grandpa and Grandma Great. Evie's funniest quote of the week was when she saw Grandpa Great taking a snooze on the porch and ran to tell my dad "Grandpa! Him dead!"
  • John's pass for some souvenir shopping as always
  • Ice cream EVERY day, twice most days
  • Lots of time with Grandparents. "Grandpa Doug Elenbaas" (exactly how Evie addresses my dad) had his fill!


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