Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mixed Camping Weekend

We did it! We camped in 2011. We have an unofficial goal to get the pop-up out for at least one camping trip every year. Knowing this year would be a challenge we waited as long as possible, but survived.

The trip had its ups and downs.

UP: Sunset #1
UP: Nice stroll through Pentwater on Friday night

DOWN: 2 very fussy and whiny babies. 1 naughty 3 year old.
DOWN DOWN DOWN: Sleeping. We intended to camp Friday and Saturday nights, but only survived Friday.
  • 8:00 pm - 90 minutes of screaming babies until lights off and everyone quiet
  • 10:30 pm - we go to bed
  • 11:45 pm - William wakes up hysterical. Holding him with a pacifier does no good. Takes a full bottle and goes back to sleep.
  • 12:30 am - finally back in bed after the William debacle
  • 12:45 am - Jack wakes up. Stands up, giggles, and bounces around for at least 15 minutes. Mercifully doesn't start crying.
  • 2:45 am - William wakes up hysterical. Holding him with a pacifier does no good. Takes a full bottle. This time Jack wakes up and starts jumping around while laughing. Decide to give him a bottle as well.
  • 3:30 am - finally back in bed. Swear to each other that we are not staying a 2nd night.
  • 7:30 am - everyone wakes up. Considering how poorly the first half of the night went, we were pretty happy with the 2nd half.
UP: Lewis farm. The animal farm nearby was the highlight, especially the camel.

We thought we'd give William a little scare by putting some food in front of him and letting the camel get real close.
Instead of crying, he latched on to the camel's nostril.
UP: Charles Maers State Park. Saturday afternoon was beautiful.
Happy at times.

UP: Evelyn and Esther goofing off together
UP: Hike up "old baldy"

UP: Sunset #2

Overall it was a good trip, but there was a lot of crying and a lot of work. Hopefully next year will be better.



Blogger Amy Smith said...

Wow, is Will having a growth spurt!?
I love the camel pictures!!!
Erin, you are looking great! I guess that's what breastfeeding twins does for your figure ;).
Evie's hair is soooo blonde after the summer!
Can't wait to see you guys!

1:39 PM  
Blogger The Geurink Family said...

I am proud of you both for even trying for a 2 night camping trip!!!Glad it had a lot of ups to counteract the downs ;)

4:46 PM  

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