Monday, September 24, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

It was one of our best cottage summers ever.  Evie is at a perfect age and the boys loved it too.  Labor Day weekend was terrific.  Evie had her whole gang to hang out with - Jonathan, Nolan, Esther, and Charlie...and Molly.

William and Jack really grew to love the cottage.  They pretty much roam freely and love the family there.

Evie and gang spent many hours on the raft over the weekend.  The game of house takes a new dimension when the raft is your house.  They took an amazing number of sand toys to the raft by swimming back and forth, back and forth.  Cleaning up afterward was a chore!

Yes, William and Jack are in the water in their PJ's.

Jack is a ham around great grandma.  

First tractor ride.
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