Saturday, December 27, 2014

2015 Goals and 2014 Results

2014 Results:

  • No Snacking: FAIL - I followed this goal very closely for 1 month, quite closely for the next 6 months, and very loosely for the last 5 months. By the end of the year my meal times had expanded to hours long and I was eating terribly.  I was going to say this goal was a mild success until I re-read my clarifications and exceptions and realized I broke most of my rules after the first month even thought I stayed relatively true to 3-meals-a-day.
  • Drink 64 oz of water per day: SHORT SUCCESS - I did this through May, but gave it up after realizing how annoying it was with no clear benefits.  The exercise did motivate me to do a better job overall of making sure to have a few glasses of water a day.
  • Read 10 books: FAIL - probably only 2 or 3.
In 2014 I had 8 months of a work crisis that influenced my 2014 goals.  I believe it also helped me mature and manage my life to maximize family time when I wasn't at work. Part of the maturity was realizing that these annual goals have done little to improve my health or life.  They were fun little hobbies with limited benefit.  I realized that no single "rule" or exercise can make me healthy and happy.  It takes a balanced and disciplined life.  Therefore...

2015 Goals: NONE


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