Tuesday, July 05, 2005

What can trump the cottage?

The cottage is truly my favorite summertime location. Erin and I just spent a terrific weekend up there highlighting how great of a place it is, even without special events like the triathlon.

Here is my saturday - both normal and abnormal all at once. The specifics change but the general constant activity and fun remain the same:
-9.5 mile run around 3 lakes
-ski around the lake
-pull others skiing
-turtle hunt on a paddle boat with my 5-year-old cousin Sam
-frisbee golf
-turtle hunt on 8-horse boat with Erin and Renae
-pull others tubing and skiing
-ski around the lake
-burgers on the grill
-wiffle ball

I can summarize the feel of the day by a comment I made around suppertime. As about 6 of us 15-25 year old boys were sitting on the raft, one of the Steensmas yelled to Jason and Jake that dinner would be ready in 5 minutes. I remarked: "dinner already? I have no idea whether it is 3:00 or 6:00." The carefree atmosphere and constant activity are what its all about.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very true. Darren and I have often talked about how at the cottage there is no time. There is day, and there is night. You eat when you are hungary, and you sleep when you get tired. Other than the 11:00-7:30 power-boating rule time doesn't exist. It stands still and passes instantly at the same time.

2:17 PM  

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