Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The best part of Christmas...

Family is one of the best parts of Christmas, and Erin and I are lucky to have great families that get along well and enjoy spending time together. This past weekend was Christmas at the Elenbaas house in Canton. Right now we are 8 strong so everyone can fit in the house for the whole weekend. When I said get along, I mean we all enjoy each others company but that entails constant bugging, reminders of past wrongs and injustices, and many good arguments.

Erin and I took off early on Friday so that we could see Derek's basketball game. He had a break-out performance scoring 11 and ripping down at least 6 boards. No match for his big brother 1-on-1 just yet but getting there.

We then made one of my favorite foods; our family Christmas cookies. Erin and I made these on our own twice already this month but the 3rd time was just as good (for me, Erin was burned out). Jeff tagged along too, wearing shorts and a t-shirt as always.

Saturday was more good family time. In the morning we delivered Angel Tree gifts, in the afternoon we went to "The Chronicles of Narnia"

and at night we had our Christmas dinner and opened gifts. My gifts were a coat, bike odometer, watch, hat, music stand, and brain-bender block puzzle. Erin got a coat, a winter hat, and scrap booking supplies.


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