Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Randy's Most Memorable Sports Moments: #9

All of my other most memorable sports moments are from competitions that I was a part of. However, I must dedicate a position in my top 10 to the sports team that I'm most attached to: Michigan Football. The outcome of some of Michigan's games can make or break my weekends.

For some reason the game that is most memorable to me is Michigan's 31-29 victory over Washington on August 31, 2002. The game was on Labor Day weekend and I was watching it in my cottage with all the Elenbaas men and several other cottagers. It was the season opener and Washington was ranked #9. This was Michigan's season of atrocious place kickers. Earlier in the game Philip Brabbs missed a 36 and 42 yarder and Troy Nienberg missed a 27 yarder 1:19 earlier. None of the other attempts were even close.

Down 29-28 Michigan held Washington off and got the ball back. By a stroke of luck there was a penalty on the 2nd to last play of regulation giving Michigan a 44 yard field goal attempt to finish the game. As they lined up I said "I give him a 7% chance of making it." To every one's astonishment and delight Brabbs kicked it perfectly through to win the game! We all erupted and everyone down on the beach knew Michigan must have won just by the noise coming out of our cottage. I couldn't contain myself and ran down to the beach and did circles in the sand.


Anonymous Jason said...

I think that was the game that Evan and I came over to watch with you. We became confident that one of you would die of a stress-induced heart-attack during the second half. To help perpetuate the process we began cheering against UM, soon after which we were threatened to be “escorted” out of the Elenbaas cottage. I have since come to appreciate the grave danger I was in that day. My final comment is: in terms of fanatic intensity, English soccer fans have nothing on the Elenbaas men.

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