Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I won't include any pictures until we get home, but here are some first impressions after 2 days in Bangkok

Traffic-It isn't as dangerous or wild as I expected, mostly because there are so many cars that all the roads are a complete gridlock and no one can drive fast. Also, the stop lights are so long in each direction. Yesterday, a 1 mile stretch took us 20 minutes because we stopped at 3 lights in a row that were red for 5 minutes! I timed them. Time the longest light you can think of in the states and you'll be amazed how long that actually is.

Dogs-there are a lot of stray dogs walking around the city. They are calm and not protective or curious at all. I haven't seen anyone who actually owns a dog or is walking one around.

Smell-The smell in Bangkok is one of 4 odors: Thai food, sewage, exhaust, and occasionally flowers/fruit

Electricity-The power lines were obviously built after the buildings because they run haphazardly around. They are a huge jumbled mess so if anyone has electrical problems, the electrician must be a genius to figure it out.


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