Sunday, January 21, 2007

What a Stud

There has been a lifelong competition of superiority between me, Cindy, Carissa, and Derek. The best arguments are always ACT scores, being valedictorian, which high school we went to, which college program we went through, and many little things like the fact that Carissa couldn't find her way to church the first time she drove there (after riding there twice a week for 6 years).

Little Derek never got too involved in these discussions because he doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, and he hasn't finished high school so we can't compare yet. But at Christmas he pulled out a new one. In his most cocky tone (which was the opposite of forceful, convincing, or intimidating because he doesn't know how to be cocky) he announced that he had achieved something none of us had - getting voted to homecoming court.

If there is anyone that deserves to be recognized by his classmates as a model student and person, it is Derek. Friday night was the homecoming game held at Eastern Michigan and so all of us made the trip from GR to see Derek honored and then watch him play basketball.

Each person on homecoming court had written a short message to their friends and family which was read to everyone. Derek's went a little like this: "Thank you mom and dad, I love you...blah blah blah. Randy, you've been a great brother and friend and I was honored to be best man in your wedding...........o yeah, and I have two other sisters....I think their names both start with the letter C, but that's enough about them."

Derek got put into the game with about a minute left. He was immediately passed the ball a like a stud he drained it from 15 feet.

Nice work Derek, but you've got a long way to go to surpass me as #1 among the siblings, although you are now firmly at #2.


Blogger Darren said...

I don't know Randy, I mean that's a pretty high honor. Not only did he achieve something, but many other people VOTED for him to honor him over all the other choices. I'd say that in comparison at the senior in high school level, Derek may in fact be ahead of you.

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