Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cadet Campout

It was a great weekend for a cadet camp out. On Friday, 21 of us from the Kelloggsville CRC cadet program went to the cadet grounds south of Grand Rapids and participated in the Grand Rapids Council "Camporee." In all there were about 15 churches and about 150 boys.

It was fun cooking over an open fire and staying in tents (for a night at least). I also learned a good deal about how to make a meal for 20 people over an open fire.
On Saturday morning there were a few team competitions for the boys and I volunteered to help run a game. Randomly, another guy and I got put together to run the relay race. We made small talk for awhile and about an hour into the event, we found out that we were both Elenbaas's! Quite unlikely to be randomly paired with someone who has the same last name as you, especially an uncommon last name.

The boys enjoyed the sprinting and it helped drain some of their seemingly limitless energy.

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