Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Closing the Cottage

The 2007 summer is in the books. We closed the cottage down on Monday by taking in the docks and boats and cleaning out the cottage.
Luckily, we were able to enjoy a terrific weekend before packing it all up. On Friday I took a half day off so that I could get my 18 mile training run out of the way in the afternoon. It was the 3rd Labor Day weekend in a row I've done an 18 mile marathon training run, but sadly I was not accompanied by my normal training partner Jason and had to run solo.

The weather was awesome and the weekend was full of boating, supertubing, volleyball, golfing, games, and swimming.

Erin was happiest reading her book in the sunshine...usually with her feet in the water.

One lasting memory from this summer will be my dad's softball accident. He's got a long recovery to go but at least he could enjoy the company of the cottage, including a couple pontoon boat rides and the hot dog roast.

The 4 supertubers were all together for basically the first time all summer. On Sunday we tore it up on the treacherously busy lake. Our big accomplishment for the weekend was the "stacked jumpover." Two tubers stayed in the wake as the 3rd was whipped out. The two in the wake climbed on top of each other so that the whipped tube had to jump a stack of 2 tubes and 2 tubers as he jumped. It was awesome and we captured a few of them on video. There were a few dramatic crashes along the way too.
We had a plethora of food as well. Here are the baked goods on Saturday morning. So good but so bad.
Well, the countdown until Memorial Day weekend begins (I did bring my wetsuit home in case anyone happens to invite me boating before then...).


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