Saturday, January 05, 2008

Push-ups Analysis

As promised, here is a more statistical analysis of my 2007 push ups. 50,000 was a lofty number to reach and I knew it would mean a concentrated effort the whole year. Here is a graph of each day's output.
You can see I had a few huge days (best was 600 on July 1) and a general decline towards the end. Notice I didn't have a single zero day until July and then they became commonplace, especially on the weekend. By the end of the year I basically didn't do push ups on Saturday and was lucky to do any on Sunday. Also, there were a slew of zeros in November and December when I knew I'd hit my goal. Here is a chart breaking down the days of the week.
I got continually better through the week and then slumped off bigtime on Friday and Saturday. Thursday was my best day with an average of 171.8.

This next chart categorizes my daily outputs. I had 98 days were I did 100-149 push ups and 114 days at 150-199. I had 4 days over 300 and 26 days with zero.
And finally, here is a graph of my daily average. I hung around 170 push ups per day through June but then steadily declined until the end of the year. I made a strong push the last week of the year so I could finish with an average above 140 (140.03).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Friggin' engineers, hilariously rediculous.

9:44 PM  
Blogger who-dey said...

That's nuts!! How in the world did you average 140+ ups a day?
Did you do them all day long?

12:23 PM  

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