Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Baby Elenbaas

Erin had her big ultrasound today! She's 19 weeks along, and the two of us saw the baby up close, which was a great experience. We aren't going to find out the gender of junior before the birth but it was good to see him/her moving all around. I had another great moment on Sunday night, I felt the baby move! Erin has been feeling the baby for 2 weeks and on Sunday I happened to time a movement perfectly.
Junior wasn't very cooperative during the photo session and stayed tucked up so they couldn't get a good profile picture but here is a sampling of what we did get.
Two little legs and feet
The face looking up
Another shot of the head
One of the legs


Blogger Darren said...

That is definitely a runner's leg...

11:23 PM  
Anonymous CresceNet said...

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12:55 PM  
Blogger Dan Diephouse said...

Congrats you two!

2:40 PM  

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