Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Darren's Bachelor Party

In proper guy fashion we celebrated Darren's pending marriage. Jason did a terrific job organizing it.

A group of 12 of us met at a park in Fremont for some lunch and ultimate Frisbee. At 2:00 we headed to play paintball, a sport few of us had tried before but sounded very manly.
It was great fun. We shot at each other and bragged about the welts we had earned. By the end of the afternoon we were ready to call it quits, and headed to Hesperia for dinner and camping.

On Sunday afternoon I returned home in time to enjoy the weather with Erin and Evelyn. As Zeelanders, we are now a short drive from Lake Michigan and it's many beaches. We drove to Riley beach to relax for a couple hours and take a walk.
Dad and Evie napped for an hour...well Evie was supposed to but she decided to fuss for most of the time. Dad showed her how real napping is done.


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