Monday, June 09, 2008

Stormy Weekend

It was a warm but very stormy weekend at the cottage. As usual, Evie provided plenty of entertainment.
Once in awhile I let Evelyn lay on the table after changing her while I walk away to get something or wash my hands. Erin doesn't like it, even though I'm only gone for about 15 seconds and Evelyn cannot even come close to rolling over. Just in case you are worried, I never leave her within 2 feet of the edge of the table either. She's fine.
Friday night Erin gave me some proof that our little baby is more mobile than I believe. I convinced Erin to let Evie sleep on the floor instead of her car seat while we were at the cottage. So we laid her on a blanket with a burp cloth under her head and went to sleep. At 4:30 Evelyn woke Erin up for a feeding and a surprise. Look where Evie's squirming took her!!
She had rotated about 120 degrees clockwise and scooted halfway off her blanket. Erin didn't think I'd believe her so she took a picture and made me look at it when I woke up. I couldn't help but laugh out loud. I guess I need to be more careful where I set Evie.
We notice that we rarely call Evelyn by her real name. Here are some of our regular nicknames for her:


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