Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend of Mishaps

Sometimes you just have to laugh. Two weekends ago I had a few too many "uh oh" moments.

Jason and I set out to do a 40 mile bike ride to the cottage followed by a 10 mile run as training for our half ironman. The bike ride I mapped out started at Fruit Ridge and I96 and followed a nice route along some back country roads for a quiet ride.
However...Jason got a flat tire right about here:
A mere 15 miles into our ride...and in the middle of nowhere. Ironically, Jason has carried a repair kit virtually every time he's ridden for the last 10 years (since his last flat) but forgot his pump that day. So we were out of luck. We asked several people in a campground nearby for pump with no success. Finally Erin came and picked us up.
Having lost quite a bit of our evening, we decided switch our running route to this:
However...Jason's lack of lunch hit him right about here:
And we had to stop for Wendy's. We made it to the cottage at JUST before dark.
On Saturday Erin and I took Evie for a nice boat ride into Emerald and Silvan. This was our intended route.
However...we ran out of gas right here:
The wind was blowing at 15-20 mph from the west, but the biggest problem was that one of the oars was broke, so I basically couldn't row. With some of Erin's ingenuity, we attempted to make it to the shore of the west side of the cove and walk back to the cottage.
However...after finally hitting the shore, Erin's flip flop broke right about here:
It was a comical weekend. Nothing seriously bad happened, but a lot of random inconveniences did.


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