Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Mischief Maker

Little Miss Evelyn has become a very lively baby. She's been crawling for almost 4 weeks and she loves the freedom. Gone are the days where we could set her down and walk away. Now she is on our heels wherever we go...unless she finds something more fun on the way. Last weekend Evie was thrilled to help me with whatever project I was doing. Later, Erin and I reorganized our pantry and cupboards. Evie helped in her own little ways. Evie now feels the need to protest what she doesn't like. When she doesn't want to sleep she tells us. We typically put her down for bed around 8:00 and some nights she cries loudly. We let her go and soon she's fast asleep. When we check on her we can't help but laugh. She has thrown her stuffed animals and pacifiers out of bed on numerous occasions. She also falls asleep in crazy positions. Here we found her pushed in the corner, still clutching the railing in protest.


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