Monday, May 18, 2009

The Pop Up Era Begins

Last week we inherited a beautiful 1983 seventeen foot pop up camper from the Veldhofs. Erin grew up camping in it as the Veldhofs took many family trips around Michigan/Indiana and a couple across the country. I've had very limited camping experiences, but am really looking forward to trips in our new camper.

Our first family camping trip was to Cold Brook Campground near Kalamazoo. We met Eric, Amy, Kaylee, Rob, and Amy for what turned out to be a very cold May weekend. The most exciting moment of the weekend was when we saw a baby squirrel in the middle of the path. We thought it was hurt or too young to walk, until it climbed right up Eric.

We spent much of Saturday afternoon casually hiking around camp. Evie and Kaylee enjoyed the playground, especially the slide.

Cold Brook is on a pretty big lake with a couple miles of nice hiking.

Back at the campsite Evie and Kaylee explored the area and thankfully stayed away from the fire.
The new sleeping situation was a little scary for poor Evie. She wouldn't nap and was really sad when we left her at bed time.
On Sunday we packed up camp and spent the afternoon with the Veldhofs celebrating mother's day a week late. We hiked the trails of Rosy Mound Park near Grand Haven.


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