Monday, April 13, 2009

Birthday Girl

Our sweet, little Evelyn turned 1 on Saturday! Amazing how she has grown in the last 365 days. Erin and I are blown away by how much we've come to love our Evie. We cannot imagine life without her.
I made Evie a shape cake in the form of a bunny to keep with Veldhof tradition. Erin had a very similar cake on her 1st birthday.

We started our celebration by taking Evie to John Ball Zoo. The weather was much nicer than the day she was born, and we enjoyed some sunshine and many other families at the zoo. Evie was mildly impressed with the animals, but more interested in the other children walking around.

We had a nice picnic lunch in zoo before heading home.
At night our celebration continued with many more family members. Evie's adoring fan club enjoyed watching Evie soak up the attention. Evie happily played with her pink balloons and opened her presents.
Her favorite 2 presents were Grandpa Doug's old cell phone and Sparkles, a pink beanie baby from Aunt Carissa. Here, Sparkles is riding in the front seat of Evie's new scooter.
After waiting so long for her first piece of cake, Evie didn't even bother eating it. She grabbed a handful, but just threw it back. Later she ate a little but she doesn't seem have the sweet tooth of her dad...yet.

It was a very special day for our family. Evie got all the attention she loves and 4 generations of close family could share in a great day.

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