Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Soper Florida 2009

2009 was the 3rd time it has been the "last" year of Soper Florida Vacations. The trips are just so great that we keep deciding to go again. This year the Soper family has grown to 25 grand kids (including spouses) and 2 great-grand kids. A total of 34 Sopers made the trip for a terrific week.
We held true to most of our favorite traditions:
  • KFC on Saturday when everyone arrives
  • Going to Church at a tiny Presbyterian Church where we double the size
  • Sunday night worship in the condo
  • Cousins dinner out on Monday
  • Grilling on the beach
  • Cousins mini golf night

One of my highlights was all the time I could spend with Evie. It was also really fun for Erin and I to see how Evie liked warm Florida and the beach. For the most part she LOVED it.

Playing by the pool was Evie's favorite. She liked to swim but she liked sitting on the edge of the pool and splashing even more.

Evie picked several family members to be very afraid of. She cried whenever she saw Derek, Darren, David, Luke, Hal, or Paul. By the end of the week she had warmed up to everyone except Hal and Paul. However, she really liked Paul's kids. Sam was her favorite and they were good buddies all week.

Evie was also terrified of the sand and grass! At least at first. When we sat her down on the sand she would cry and try to climb up us to keep every part of her from touching. I guess I can't blame her - I was terrified of clouds and Chuck-E-Cheese when I was young. After a couple tries Evie enjoyed the sand and grass, but not without some worried looks first.

We enjoyed walking down the beach with Evie. We found out she loves birds. Every time she saw a bird she would point and smile.

Florida always generates so many lasting memories. Some of the other highlights this year were:

  • Double rummy tournament with 16 fully randomized teams (32 players). My dad and Linda smoked everyone. Erin and I somehow were teammates and came in 2nd.
  • Great food. We enjoyed dinners at a buffet, a seafood restaurant, and a Mexican place. We also grilled burgers, ate pizza on the beach, and had awesome homemade breakfasts by Uncle Dave.
  • Volleyball - we had many competitive games of 6 on 6.
  • The 4th generation. Evie and her 2nd cousin Max stole the show. The two of them were always the center of attention and I think they both enjoyed it. We certainly did.

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Blogger Slicy said...

What a riot! Looks like you guys had a blast...(and Samantha listened to Erin's advice and didn't come out (magic OB nurses!))

9:19 AM  

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