Sunday, November 29, 2009

Helpful Children

Our camera broke 2 weeks ago and we finally replaced it on 'Black Friday.' So there is a gap in our pictures and we missed capturing the Thanksgiving parties. So here a few from this weekend after all the festivities ended.

Evelyn can be very helpful. Seriously. If we ask her to help with a chore she usually is excited to be of service. Laundry is one of her favorites, especially when she gets a basket ride.
Momma gets the wet clothes out of the washer and Evie shoves them into the dryer.She also loves to help with dinner. Her role is to supervise the preparations and taste test to ensure we are up to her standards.
And she straightens branches on the Christmas tree when they don't look right.
Another recent Evie-ism is confusion of my name. Instead of calling me "daddy" she consistently calls me "momdy" and sometimes calls Erin "da-ma." Her favorite English (correctly used) words are cookie, socks, hat, shoes, and doggy.

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