Monday, September 14, 2009

Turkey Run State Park

This weekend Erin, Evie, and I went to Turkey Run State Park in western Indiana. Erin's family had been to the park several times but this was my first visit.
The park is really amazing. I never would have guessed Indiana to have such cool scenery and things like gorges, cliffs, and canyons. We spent most of our free time hiking the beautiful trails. All the trails were roughly 1-2 miles, which was perfect for carting Evie around without driving her crazy.

After a couple of our hikes we rewarded Evie with some play time in the river. She especially enjoyed the mud.

Of course we had plenty of time hanging around the camper and enjoying delicious fire kissed camp food. The playground nearby had a 4 person teeter-totter that Evie loved.

The hikes were way more scenic than I expected. There was an impressive suspension bridge over Sugar Creek.
The ladders hike was really neat. We hiked through a canyon and then needed to climb ladders at the end of the canyon to get out. Half the fun of the ladders was knowing how much my mom would freak out when she saw what we did.
Evie was greatly over-stimulated from the camping experience and would not nap, which led to some classic melt downs. At her worst, she would flail wildly in the hiking backpack trying to fling herself out...which was a bit of a concern for us since it would be a 5 foot fall onto some hard rocks. Eventually she got so tired she'd fall asleep on my back. But overall she was a delight. Her communication is getting much better and we had a lot of time to "talk" with her about what monkeys say and whether it is time for "na na" or not.

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