Sunday, December 20, 2009

Elenbaas Christmas Weekend

Christmas weekend at my parents is one of the highlights of the year. We had a terrific time of hanging out this year. With 3 young kids our ambitious schedule has become much more relaxed, with most of the time spent watching the kids play.

Grandpa and Grandma took Evie outside in the snow wearing the same winter suit that Grandma Gail wore as a girl. Grandma Gail also recycled it on her children including myself. I think Evie might be the last to wear it.
Food is a major part of the weekend. From Christmas cookies to steak we pretty much never stop eating.
Evie is starting to understand how cool Christmas is. She loved the weekend and figured out that boxes with paper wrapped around them probably have treasures inside. She was also a very nice older cousin to the twins.

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