Sunday, January 17, 2010

Florida Keys - Part 1

Grandpa and Grandma Elenbaas treated the family to a wonderful week in the Florida Keys. All 27 of us made the trip the week between Christmas and New Year's and stayed at house near Islamorada.

The first thing we did was go to feed the Tarpon at "Robbie's" which is where a certain Johnny Knoxville movie did a rather disturbing stunt. The Tarpon were imposing - some of them 6 feet long!
The house we stayed at was really good our family. The pool was perfect and Evie spent many hours running through the shallows.

Of course, Evie buddied up with Molly instantly and followed her around all week. Evie was also a goof ball most of the time just soaking up the attention.

One morning a group of us went snorkeling a few miles out near a light house. The reef was amazing and we saw an 8-10 foot nurse shark among many other sweet sea creatures. After seeing the fish Carissa and I climbed the light house to take the 10 foot plunge. I did my trademark back flip of course.

After the light house we went to an Island where Native Americans lived for centuries. When the Europeans came and started taking over the Keys the Island became known for a famous revolt and the massacre of a bunch of the Europeans.

Marv treated us to a sunset, outdoor dinner on the beach one night. Despite a strong wind, we had a great meal and view.

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