Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Erin turns 30!

About 4 months ago Erin told me for her 30th birthday she wanted a surprise party and to go to Mexico. I knew her request was partially a joke, but I know there is some truth in all of Erin's jokes. So I started planning.

We decided to spend Erin's birthday weekend in Chicago. My surprise was to have 4 of Erin's Calvin friends meet us in Chicago and hang out with us for the weekend. As far as I know it was a complete surprise to Erin and she was very pleased.

We had a short, but great time downtown for the weekend. On Saturday night we dressed up and went to the Broadway show Billy Elliot, which was really good.

It felt like we spent most of the rest of our weekend in restaurants. We went to P.F. Chang's, Rock Bottom, a Mexican breakfast restaurant, and The Cheesecake Factory within a 20 hour span.
Erin received a very fitting Chinese word in her fortune cookie.
P.F. Chang's
It was a beautiful and warm Sunday to walk the Magnificent Mile. On the other side of the canal in the picture below they were filming scenes from Transformers 3.

I also fulfilled one of Erin's biggest birthday wishes...shopping at H&M. I was really glad Sarah and Berniz were there to shop with Erin.
The Cheesecake Factory!
So I think I made Erin's transition to 30 a pleasant one. Happy Birthday Erin!

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