Sunday, October 10, 2010

October Projects

In preparation for the twins we've dedicated October to working on the house. We planned to be home every weekend and try to get something accomplished almost every day. So far so good.
Evelyn really gets excited about helping with "projects." As expected, her involvement is usually counterproductive, but fun for all of us. Typically after I explain the project and get started she drifts into her own play world and turns the project area into her play house. By the end, most of her animals and books have migrated to the work area.
Evelyn can be genuinely helpful if I need something. She will happily run upstairs or downstairs to get whatever is needed for the "project."
Our accomplishments so far include:
  • Side table for entryway
  • Big girl bed for Evelyn
  • Custom duvet for Evie's bed (Erin's sewing skills)

  • Painted the nursery
  • Primed the basement
  • Living room drapes
  • Lots of shopping
  • Lots of organizing
  • Painting an outside door frame

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