Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Soper Wedding

We enjoyed another fun wedding last weekend. Evie was invited so I was looking forward to some good father daughter dancing. Evie had other ideas.

The wedding was at a beautiful golf course so we snagged some family pictures.

Evie was itching to dance. After patiently waiting with Sam through the bride and groom dances she burst out onto the floor and was a crazy girl.
She danced nicely with Max, Lydia, Sam, Elizabeth, and Grandma. Finally it was my time so I went out there and tried to dance with her. She ran away from me twice but I thought that was just part of her dancing. Finally when I tried to dance with her a third time she walked me over to a chair on the side of the dance floor, pointed, and said "daddy sit." Wow, that was some cruel rejection. Barely 2 and she's already turning me down :(

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Blogger Amy said...

That's so funny because that is almost the same thing Kaylee did at Reuben's wedding. Remember she wanted to dance with you and not Eric? Eric did finally convince her later in the night, though.

3:11 PM  

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