Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two Months

Two months old already. Since Jack's 2 day stint in the hospital the boys have been doing great. At 2 months they were a healthy 11 and 11.7 lbs.
Will (left above) is more finicky but his projectile urping has improved tremendously. Will has a high pitch squeal when he gets really upset. It is hard not to laugh when he busts out the squeal.

Jack (right above, pic below) is a tank, eating a lot and just SOLID (heavy) overall. Jack rolled over at 1 month but hasn't repeated the trick since.
Both boys are smiling more and more and starting to show personality.
Evie continues to be a bundle of energy, joy, and She's hilarious one moment and pitching an end-of-the world fit the next. She definitely keeps us on our toes but that is how we like it.

Every day when I leave for work she asks me why, so I tell her "to get more monies." Then she'll ask "you monies all gone?" When Erin went back to work she pretended to talk to her on the phone and said "Momma, you go to work to buy more monies?"
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