Thursday, October 20, 2011

RBD Tour Season 7

Derek, Ben, and I enjoyed our 7th annual Michigan football road game. This year we stayed close to home by visiting MSU.

Our challenge for the weekend was inspired by Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest - 10 minutes to eat as many hot dogs and buns as you can.

Our expectations were high before we started. I think of myself as a very big eater, capable of putting up a big number. Derek was similarly optimistic. Ben downplayed himself from the beginning because he knew he didn't have a chance.

We cooked up 24 dogs and had 16 more waiting in case we finished that many.

The results? Pathetic! It was WAY harder to pound down hot dogs than I thought. The speed aspect was the killer. By 3 hot dogs we were all feeling sick. The first one alone (on an empty stomach) took a full minute to eat. Sadly, the final results were:

Derek: 7
Randy: 5.5
Ben: 3.5

It was a noon football game so we didn't spend much time walking around.
Ben's knee injury allowed us to bump up our seats to the handicap section.
The game itself was fun and close into the 4th quarter but Michigan ended up losing 28-14. Our 7 year record is now 4-3.

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