Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Weekend Away!

In late October Erin and I enjoyed a very rare 3-day weekend away from the kids.  The weekend was part of my birthday present to Erin.  Our destination: Toledo.  Not very exotic, but it minimized travel time, was a city we've never visited before, and was at the peak of color season.

It was a terrific 3 days together.  I was able to combine some of our favorite activities into one enjoyable weekend - hiking, traveling, cities, nice restaurants, movies, hot tub, and sleeping in.

We enjoyed several 2-3 mile hikes in the parks surrounding the city.


For the first time ever we stayed in a bed and breakfast.  After initially "scoffing" at my choice Erin came around to really enjoy it.  Our host was a phenomenal baker and treated us to several awesome baked goods.  
We spent a few hours in Toledo's Imagination Station, which is a great hands-on museum.  

Here is a visualization of why Erin is always colder than me.  BLOOD FLOW!  Notice my hands and face are at the hot end of the spectrum while Erin's hands hardly show any heat and her face is a much lighter red.
 Finally, we roller-bladed for the first time in 2+ years.
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