Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas 2005

Another Christmas has come and gone. Erin and I enjoyed a very nice 3 day weekend filled with parties and family. With all the Veldhofs in town we had dinner in Zeeland together on Friday night with the intention of sledding afterward. Unfortunately the weather turned unseasonably warm and rainy. So instead we just hung out.

Later in the evening Erin and I had our personal Christmas and exchanged gifts. Marriages get scary when you end up getting each other the same gift! I bought Erin a TV version of the popular game Dance, Dance, Revolution because it doesn't require a PS2, XBOX, or Game cube (which we don't have). Erin bought me a PS2 and worked it out for her sister to buy me a memory card and the PS2 DDR game for my present the next day. So now we have 2 versions of the game. Our plan is to re gift the TV version sometime in the future so watch out. I also made Erin a 2006 calendar with pictures of us from the last 12 months and all the dates of her friend's birthdays and anniversaries so she can remember easier.

On Saturday we went to the Soper party for a couple of hours and then to Zeeland for the real Veldhof party. We had a wet and muddy game of football at the Soper party where the Elenbaas men (plus Aaron) beat the Drenths (plus Hal) 5-3 before I had to leave. Paul was all-time offense and conveniently played much better for our team than the Drenths. At the Veldhof party we had a ping pong and boccer ball tournament with Rob taking ping pong honors and Josh winning boccer ball. I had a disappointing first round exodus in both events. Worst of all, both losses were to the Brandts!

Christmas day was spent with the whole Elenbaas gang (minus the Johnsons) and filled with lots of food,


mini basketball, pinball, DDR, and air hockey. In the evening we had another spirited round of Christmas carols with half the Elenbaas gang making up the band and the other half singing. Our band is the unique combination of piano, trombone, trumpets, flute, and string bass.


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