Saturday, December 31, 2005

Rockin' Bowling

Gotta love a some good midnight bowling. Midnight bowling at Eastbrook lanes is a habit Duby and I started when we were living together as sophomores at Calvin. So now every time he's back in town we have a mandatory match. The competition between us has subsided somewhat since we spend a lot of the time catching up, but we still go at eachother when its close. Erin and Jenny joined us too.

I bowled better than average but blew the last couple frames of the first game and Duby picked me off by 3. Also note Erin's score on the bottom. Her first round breaking 100 in as long as she can remember! She threw a gutter on her first bowl of the 10th frame and had a clutch 9 to put her into 3 figures.

The rest of the games were better to me and I stayed well ahead of Duby.

Balancing bowling balls is always fun too. Its actually pretty easy to balance a few of them. This was by best yet, getting 5 to stand freely and almost the 6th.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I put up a photo recreation of the new years party just so you have something to do in the morning at work.

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