Thursday, October 26, 2006

Randy's Most Memorable Sports Moments: #3

When I came up with this list I had no idea when I would get around to posting #3, and I certainly didn't plan for it to fall just a couple days after the Chicago Marathon. My #3 most memorable sports moment is completing the Detroit Marathon.

Completing the marathon was so memorable just because it is such an incredible sense of accomplishment. Training takes better than 4 months and hundreds of miles. This year I ran 408 miles from July until the marathon last weekend, and that is starting with a solid running base since I had already done a 15.5 mile race in May. The training is often tedious, HOT, hard to schedule, and of course painful.

By the time the Detroit Marathon came I just wanted to get done with it because I was so sick of the long runs. Once the race started I enjoyed the first half and had to push myself harder than ever to keep running all the way through the end, but I made it all 26.2 miles without walking a step. The end of the Detroit Marathon course added to the moment because you run down the tunnel and onto Ford Field where I sprinted to the finish which was the 50 yard line. Even now that it has been a year since that moment and I've run another marathon I still can't forget how sweet that first marathon was.


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